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The coat requires regular grooming in order to keep it free from matting.

Equipment needed

Lots of patience (both you and dog !!) :-)

Large Pin Brush Ear Powder (medicated)

Steel Comb Eye Drops (such as Eye-Brite)

Slicker Brush Nail Clippers (scissors type)

Matting Comb or Mat Breaker Scissors

Coat Conditioner (Pantene) Cotton Balls

1) Brush the coat daily with a large pin brush. Comb through the coat to remove any mats. If the coat is badly matted, use a matting comb and a slicker brush.

2) Clean the ears by dusting the inside with medicated ear powder, plucking out any dead hair with your fingers.

3) Clean the eyes by applying eye drops to the inside of the eye. Wipe the corner of the eye and under the eye with a damp piece of cotton to remove any eye stain.

4) Cut the nails with a scissors – type nail clipper, removing only the tips of the nails so as not to cut the quick.

5) Bathe and fluff dry. Comb through.

6) Apply a conditioner to the coat by first putting a small amount on your hands and then rubbing it onto the coat.

7) Scissor the hair between the pads of the feet.

The Tibetan Terrier should be brushed daily to avoid a build up of mats in the coat.

Full grooming should be done every four to six weeks depending upon the condition of the coat, etc. The nails should be checked monthly to see if they need clipping, and the ears should be cleaned weekly.

Unless you are exhibiting the Tibetan Terrier at shows, it is not essential to keep the dog in 'Full Coat'. Tibetan terriers can be kept clipped short or 'puppy cut' (slightly shaggy) and still look very cute.

Non Moulting?
Although Tibetan Terriers do not moult, they do lose their coat (it just doesn't leave a film of hair over your best sofa!) The lose hair remains in the coat and needs to be brushed out to avoid a build up of mats and knots.
About twice a year the T.T will also lose the thick undercoat (approx April/May and again later in the year). This again needs to be brushed out.
Because of the non moulting qualities a Tibetan Terrier is usually a good pet for anyone with allergies to pet hair or asthma.


If your Tibetan is anything like mine (or Misty) :-) and loves to play in mud pools, cat litter or the dustbin, you will find keeping them clean a bit of a daily routine.
if they are just wet, and you don't want to completely bath the dog, sprinkle with some talc. Let the talc soak up the moisture in the coat, then brush out. You are left with an almost instant dry, sweet smelling, dog! :-)



Tibetan Terrier clipped









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